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    Bob Delevante is the amazing, wise, and generous photographer who shot my house and me for this website-- which he also designed. And he also designed the Ada's Army website. His design and photographic career spans from redesigning the J.Crew catalog in New York as a freelancer to setting up his own award winning studio (two Addy’s this year, nine in the last three).  His work has been featured in B&W magazine, national ad campaigns and on the cover of magazines. As a graphic designer he has won numerous awards and his work has appeared in Print Magazine as well as other design annuals. He has designed bookcovers for Farm Aid and album covers for Ricky Skaggs, Darrell Scott and Matthew Ryan. Bob is also my friend, neighbor, and formerly one half of The Delevantes. In Nashville, The Delevante’s enjoy a kind of cult status as musicians’ musicans and very good guys. Along the way they’ve toured with John Prine, Emmy Lou Harris and Steve Earle. Personally, I am an even bigger fan of Bob Delevante as a solo act. There's is something at once utterly grown up and completely alive about the songs he writes for himself; songs that contemplate what wildness looks like, not tamed, but contained. While we were working on getting the website up, Bob was writing and recording songs for what will be a new solo album to be released early next year.  Until then, check out the albums, 'Porchlight' and 'Columbus and the Colossal Mistake'. If you’re ever in Nashville and you want to hear some real music with some real Nashvillians--checkout Brown’s Diner.  On July 17th of this year, I took the half-block walk from my house to Brown’s.  Bob was playing with the Coal Men as his backup band and Jeff Black sat in. Then brother Mike came up fueling the rumor that a new Delevantes album might be in our future.  Maybe. Maybe not.  The double threat storyteller seems to prefer to do his talking with images these days. One thing’s for sure, camera or guitar, he’s a lyrical storyteller who creates unforgettable images. Did I tell you about Porchlight?!

    If you want to see a portfolio of Bob’s other photography and design work go to
    If you want to talk to  Bob about designing a website or taking your photograph email him at
    If you want to purchase a photo of me, go to and click on the gallery titled 'Alice Randall Portraits' to see some of the options.
    You will need to contact Bob at for prices and actual jpgs.  Bob has almost two hundred images of me that have not been seen.

    Honor Bar. If you are an academic institution without a budget to support promotion of talks, or if you are a non-profit with limited budget, or if you’re a student doing a report,  Bob is generous enough to make this image available.

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    Amazing food photography on the grid is from Soul Food Love, and shot by Penny de los Santos, who created all the stunning photographs in Soul Food Love.