Soul Food Love
Peanut Chicken Stew
Congressional Cookbook: The Junior League and the Congress
Library Desk: Doors and Desks
Sleigh Bed: Texas and Louisianna
Keepsakes: Earth Stars and Sky Stars
Portrait Table: Icebergs and Angels
Battle of Nashville: Slaves and Soldiers
Maid of Honor Portrait: Three Third Grade Bridesmaids and a Sexy Brilliant Woman Priest
Red Dining Room: Table and Chairs
Jubilee Singers with Lavender: Alfred Stieglitz and Fisk
Mirror Portrait Caroline: Caroline and her Portrait
Sofa: Couches and Dreams
Silver Coffee Urn, Saul Martin Portrait: Zelda Sayre and Gatsby
Harlem Chairs: Tammany Hall and Harlem
Tuskegee Wardrobe: Brownies and Smithies
Portrait Chair: Harper Lee and Sigourney
Dear's Ice Cubes
Working Library: Cynara and Windsor, and Hope
Me and My Blog
Fort Pillow Massacre: Nathan Bedford Forrest and Madison Smartt Bell
My Boots: Nancy Sinatra and Roy Rogers
Longpage, 1913: Stephen Stills and Frank Lloyd Wright
Cold Cucumber Soup
Six Cases of Cookbooks: Julia Child and Caroline Williams
Magnolias: Magnolias and Magnolia
Statute of Alexander Pushkin: Pushkin and Othello
Take The Ow Out Of Now: Buddha and Nietzche
Stars and Bars: Stars and Stripes and Stars and Bars
Joan's Nicoise
New York Times Editorial: Copyright and the First Amendment, or Margaret Mitchell and John Seigenthaler
Soul Food Love

    Sofa: Couches and Dreams

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    This is a 19th century piece. We were looking for something Egyptian Revival but settled on this piece instead. Because it comes from the 1820’s, the Jacksonian Era, it seemed particularly appropriate for our house and David’s connection to Jackson. And like David and Jackson, who was six-foot one,  the piece is unusually long. A tall man can stretch out on it. This is not true of most pieces from the eighteen twenties. And we love the wings on the feet.
                 Almost more than the wooden frame of the sofa, I love the fabric with which it is upholstered. Everyone in the family voted on it. Caroline Coulton, friend and designer extraordinaire, responsible for the overall plan of all the interiors, found this fabric. This fabric is for me an outstanding example of her ability to integrate the particular aesthetic and history of our family while balancing the geometries and colors of the rooms in some more general fashion.I voted yes to the fabric because it reminded me of the artist Aaron Douglas’s early graphic work.
                 When husband David wakes up too early to actually get up, he stretches out, all six foot five of him, on this couch and dreams into the morning.