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We love book clubs. My daughter and I were in a mother-daughter book club for five years. Above you’ll find Reader’s Guides and Recipes to assist in planning club meetings.  I’ve had fun creating and reporting on the cocktail recipes developed to celebrate each book launch. You could print the appropriate one up as a favor for your guests to take home--or you could stir-up a pitcher if you meet after five and your group has enough designated drivers. My reading beverage of choice is a cup of tea: Lapsang Souchong, Soir de France, or Earl Grey. Cheap, easy, and delicious, madeleines make perfect book clubs bites. Tea and cornbread madeleines are a favorite simple but sustaining bookclub menu of mine. I'm sharing with you a recipe for cornbread madeleines the great southern chef Martha Stamps shared with me.  Email me at to see if we can arrange for me to join your bookclub by phone or iChat.  When I write you back, probably via email, thank Jane Goodall. A thousand years ago I read In the Shadow of Man and wrote to Ms. Goodall. Much to my surprise, almost a year later, she wrote back!  As I recall, she encouraged me to go to Stanford.  She was the very first stranger to take my ambitions seriously. 

Join my bookclub. Click here to sign up for monthly updates, reading and listening recommendations, more recipes, and special offers. If you're planning to read Ada's Rules I encourage you to walk while you talk or at least walk before or after you talk.