Sweet Potato and Lemons

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    11:27 am
    It is January and I am on a diet. Like the rest of America. My new breakfast is a baked sweet potato. Or it is two teaspoons of peanut butter. Which is not my breakfast is my mid morning snack. My new cocktail is a sliced lemon boiled with cloves in spring water. It’s  wonderful. Lunch yesterday was trout and brocolini. Dinner was chicken and kale soup and grilled romaine hearts with grilled onion drizzled with olive oil. One glass of red wine. I’m trying to keep it very simple, healthy and savory. And I’m trying to get on my treadmill every day for a minimum of fifteen minutes and a maximum of an hour. And I am committed to going to sleep before midnight. Phase one of the diet begins January 4 phase one of the diet officially ends May 4. Can’t wait to see what these four months bring. I almost called this post Sisyphus and me. I’ve pushed this rock up a lot of hills. I prefer to think I’m pushing this big weight to the top of a steep hill one last time. I’m going to be innovative and accountable and I think I can do this.  We will see together.