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    Ada Howard, the wife of the preacher at Nashville’s Full Love Baptist Tabernacle, has a whole lot of people to take care of. There’s her husband, of course, and the flock that comes with him, plus the kids at the day care where she works, two grown daughters, and two ailing parents. It’s no wonder she can’t find time to take care of herself. And her husband’s been so busy lately she’s suspicious some other woman may be taking care of him . . .Then it comes: the announcement of her twenty-five-year college reunion in twelve months’ time, signed with a wink by her old flame. Ada gets to thinking about the thrills of young love lost, and the hundred or so pounds gained since her college days, and she decides it’s high time for a health and beauty revival. So she starts laying down some rules. The first rule is: Don’t Keep Doing What You’ve Always Been Doing. And so begins a long journey to a new look and a new perspective—on what she wants, and on what she’s always had.

    1. Don’t keep doing what you’ve always been doing.
    2. Make a plan: set clear multiple and changing goals.
    3. Weigh yourself daily.
    4. Be a role model.
    5. Don’t attack your own team; don’t let anyone on your team attack you.
    6. Identify and learn from iconic diet books.
    7. Walk thirty minutes a day every day.
    8. See your doctor.
    9. Do the DNA test.
    10. Budget: Plan to afford the feeding, exercising, and dressing of you.
    11. Get eight hours of sleep nightly.
    12. Eat breakfast.
    13. Self-medicate with Art.
    14. Consider surgery.
    15. Keep a food diary and a body journal.
    16. Add a second exercise three times a week.
    17. Drink eight glasses of water daily.
    18. Eat sitting down.
    19. Eat slowly.
    20. Find a snack you like that likes you.
    21. Access the power of quick fixes
    22. Add a Zen exercise: hooping, waterjogging, watsu, and yoga.
    23. Don’t be afraid to look cheap—in restaurants.
    24. Manage portion sizes.
    25. Eat every three hours.
    26. Savor HOT and COLD.
    27. Don’t initiate change you can’t stick with for five years.
    28. Find and create DNA-based go-to meals.
    29. Use consultants: trainers, masseuses, nutritionists, and priests.
    30. Massage your own feet.
    31. Drink cautiously.
    32. Bathe to calm or bathe to excite.
    33. Invent DNA based care packages that work for you and yours.
    34. Don’t stay off the wagon when you fall off.
    35. Get therapy.
    36. Create your own spa day.
    37. Get better hair.
    38. Fake it till you make it
    39. Update beauty rituals and tools.
    40. Shop for your future self.
    41. Take one bite of anything and never more than two bites of anything decadent.
    42. Uni-up: get yourself a uniform for day and for night.
    43. Front-load: drink water before meals
    44. Draw a map of your body.
    45. Update your goals.
    46. Create your own spa week.
    47. Get better hair down there.
    48. Seize the proper props.
    49. Don’t stop short of your goal.
    50. Celebrate dappled beauty daily: the power of the imperfect and good-enough.
    51. Cultivate new interests.
    52. Make a health and beauty calendar
    53. Do it for you.
    Here are the keys to your health and beauty revival and the gateway to your global community supporting health and healthy lifestyles!
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